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Emma Valenghi-Children's Illustration-Happy New Year-Tiger Costume-Bright Colous.png
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Emma Valenghi-Children's Illustration-Girl Jumping in the Ball Pool-Bright Colous.png
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Emma Valenghi_Winter Beach House.jpg
Emma Valenghi_Winter Harbour Tree.jpg
Emma Valenghi_Boats at Sea.jpg
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The Soggy Seaweed Childrens Book Illustration.jpg
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Emma Valenghi_North Yorkshire Moors Railway Back Cover_UNAVAILABLE.jpg
Emma Valenghi_North Yorkshire Moors Railway background3_UNAVAILABLE.jpg
Emma Valenghi_MYMR_Nature Tally_UNAVAILABLE.jpg
Emma Valenghi_NYMR_Cloud spotting_UNAVAILABLE.jpg
Emma Valenghi_NYMR_I-Spy Illustration_UNAVAILABLE.jpg
Emma Valenghi_Wild Flowers_UNAVAILABLE.jpg
Emma Valenghi_NYMR_Senses_UNAVAILABLE.jpg
Emma Valenghi_NYMR_Picnic Puzzle_UNAVAILABLE.jpg
Emma Valenghi_NYMR_Litter Picking_UNAVAILABLE.jpg
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Spiders in the garden.jpg
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